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    Foreigners may purchase property in Malaysia but there are various rules and regulations to follow, which we've outlined below.

    Malaysia has some of the most liberal regulations in the region when it comes to foreigners buying residential property, particularly landed homes. The process for buying property in Malaysia is straightforward and well established.

    Sale & Purchase Agreement in Malaysia
    The purchase agreement for a property is called the "Sale & Purchase Agreement" (SPA or S&P). These are fairly standard, with a lawyer representing your interests before signing any agreements. A memorandum of transfer also has to be signed to transfer the title from the seller to the purchaser.

    Fees & Taxes
    Legal fees (Solicitors’ fees) for buying a property in Malaysia will have to be taken into account, and should amount to no more than four per cent of the purchase price.
    Stamp duty is attracted onto every transfer of property deeds in Malaysia, and work on a sliding scale based upon the property value. This scale leaves the buyer paying between one and three per cent of the purchase price in stamp duty. Agent's fees, if applicable, are also paid by the purchaser.



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