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Absolutely Fabulous by Samantha is an extraordinary, creative brand that offers beautiful handbags known for their high quality, creative design and outstanding value. Inspired by cultures and crafts around the globe, our products reflect the vibrant pulse of a woman's identity and individuality.

We understand the relationship between a woman and her handbag. It is part of her everyday life, a beautiful home for her daily essentials, a comfortable extension of her body and an expression of her individual style. It is important to us that Absolutely Fabulous handbags are used and enjoyed.

Our Absolutely Fabulous by Samantha handbags are currently not available to purchase online but can be purchased through Z Man store. Please visit our store to see our latest collection.

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RM75.00 RM60.00 RM45.00

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RM70.00 RM50.00 RM60.00

RM45.00 RM45.00 RM45.00